CPI: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Refresher One-Day Training - 004348
This training is a six-hour CPI refresher course. Therefore, if participants HAVE NOT taken the initial CPI training within the last calendar year, they ARE NOT eligible to participate in this refresher course. The Applied Physical Training program revisits and expands on a crisis management system based on the philosophy of providing the best care, welfare, safety, and security for staff and those in their care. During the training, participants will have opportunities to practice and problem solve with CPI Classroom Models and emergent adaptations to increase skills and confidence in managing aggressive, violent behavior. Attend this refresher to review program techniques, clarify questions on program information, and refocus on providing a safe environment for the student and staff.

Audiences Assistant Principals, Principals, Charter School Personnel, Counselors
21st Century Learning  Vision Article II - New Learning Standards
Prerequisite/Special Notes Participants must have attended a 12 hour CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training within the past 12 months.

No sessions currently available for registration for this workshop.

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