Beginning Teacher Academy for PreK, K, and PPCD Settings 2018-19 - 011930
This five-day academy is for first- or second-year teachers in Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, or Special Education settings for students ages 3-5. Participants must meet the criteria listed in prerequisites. An application is required with signatures from both the campus administrator and the participant in order to receive a password prior to registration. To request an application, please e-mail and put B.T.A. in the subject line. Minimum Enrollment: 10

Audiences Teacher - Early Childhood/PreK/Kindergarten, Teacher - Special Education, Charter School Personnel
21st Century Learning  Vision Article II - New Learning Standards,   Vision Article III - Assessments for Learning,   Vision Article IV - Accountability for Learning
Prerequisite/Special Notes Must meet the following criteria: first or second year to be a teacher AND assigned to PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, or PPCD classroom. Application is required with signatures from both the campus administrator and the participant prior to release of password for registration. Teachers re-assigned from other grade levels are not appropriate for this academy.

No sessions currently available for registration for this workshop.

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