Behavior Bites: Understanding and Replacing Problem Behavior - 013189
In this multi-day learning opportunity, classroom teachers and interventionists will focus on best practices drawn from empirical research on understanding the origins of problem behavior. Participants will learn why the behavior is happening, the logic behind it, and the function (or purpose) it serves for the student. Also, participants will learn how to teach the replacement skills the student should have in order to meet his or her needs. Participants will attend two face-to-face sessions at ESC Region 11 (a third day in Spring 2019 is optional) and two individual 15- to 30-minute online/on-site meetings with instructors. In addition, participants can expect 3 hours of work outside of the face-to-face sessions (CE hours will reflect the additional outside work requirements). An application is needed to be considered to attend this training (See Prerequisites).

Audiences Teacher - Early Childhood/PreK/Kindergarten, Teacher - General Education, Teacher - High School (Grades 9-12), Teacher - Middle School (Grades 6-8), Teacher - Special Education, Charter School Personnel, Counselors, LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology), Speech Therapists, Teacher - Elementary (Grades 1-5)
Prerequisite/Special Notes Prerequisites (Tier 1 or Tier 2 Trainings): Lynn Sullivan’s Creating Learning Environments (Classroom Management) or Michael Tucker’s Structuring the Classroom or 10 hours in a similar training or coursework in Classroom Management, Antecedent Strategies, or Functions of Behavior. You will need to explain in detail in the ‘Other’ box on the application form. Application Link:

No sessions currently available for registration for this workshop.

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