Summer Book Study: Beginning with Braille by Anna Swenson - 013490
Do you have a student who is pre-braille or just beginning to learn braille? Then join us for a book study on "Beginning with Braille," 2nd edition, by Anna Swenson. Ms. Swenson has wonderful ideas to support the development of great braille skills and a love of literacy for our early braille readers. This workshop will consist of webinars, review of websites and videos, and discussion/reflections regarding the readings. All assignments must be completed by August 2 to receive credit for the course.

Audiences Teacher - Special Education, Paraprofessionals
Prerequisite/Special Notes To begin your session, 2 hours after registration, log into the online classroom at . Your username is your email address that ESC11 has on file. Your password is the same password used in our registration system. If you experience any issues logging in, contact for assistance. Participants must be a TSVI, COMS, or a Special Education Teacher of students with VI.

No sessions currently available for registration for this workshop.

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