Effective Schools Framework: Process to Improve Practice - 013838
Day 1: An Overview Session Participants will be introduced to the Texas Education Agency's Effective Schools Framework. This session will provide a high-level overview of Effective Schools Framework, including its purpose and development. The session will develop participants' understanding of the most important actions within the framework, including real-world examples of best practices in action in Texas schools. Day 2: Process to Improve Practice Session Participants will engage in processes around implementation of the Effective Schools Framework. Participants will reflect on current practices in alignment with best practices identified in the Effective Schools Framework, including a focus on district commitments necessary to ensure campus success. Learn specific skills needed to begin using the Effective Schools Framework to improve student outcomes on your campus.

Audiences Central Office Administrators, Directors, Instructional Leaders, Principals, Superintendents/Chief Executive Officers, Assistant Principals
21st Century Learning  Vision Article IV - Accountability for Learning,   Vision Article V - Organizational Transformation,   Vision Article VI - More Balanced/Reinvigorated State/Local Partnership

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