Audience: Diagnosticians
Bite-Sized Summer Learning Series: If You're Appy and You Know It
Bite-Sized Summer Learning Series: Assessments on the Go
Bite-Sized Summer Learning Series: Building Social Skills in Students with ASD Using Lego-Based Social Skill Groups
Bite-sized Summer Learning Series: Centers - Building upon Actionable Data
Bite-Sized Summer Learning Series: Exploring the Strong Connections between Reading and Writing for Young Learners
Bite-Sized Summer Learning Series: Incorporating Social Narratives for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the School Setting
Bite-sized Summer Learning Series: Preference Assessments
Dysgraphia: What Educational Diagnosticians Need to Know!
FBA to BIP: How to Conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment to Develop a Behavior Intervention Plan
FIE Report Writing
Introduction to In-Home Training and Parent Training
Legal Updates 2019
Literacy Toolbelt: The Super Powers Within!
Overview of ADOS 2
Utilizing Professional Judgement During the Evaluation Process: Increasing Confidence and Competence in SLD Identification
Webinar + Canvas Series: Literacy Toolbelt - The Superpowers Within! - Online