Audience: Directors
2019 11th Annual Technology Vendor Fair
2019-2020 Webinar Series: Taking the Helm and Navigating Accountability - Live Online
Accessibility Features or Designated Support - How to Determine the Two!
Administrator Training - Principles of Effective Observation, Feedback, and Coaching (Day 1 of 2)
Administrator Training - Principles of Effective Observation, Feedback, and Coaching (Day 2 of 2)
Bilingual/ESL Directors Advisory Meeting
Blended Learning Academy for Administrators
Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) Training for Title I Administrators
Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Trainer of Trainers (TOT)
Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Training for Title I Administrators
Connecting, Collaborating, and Capturing!
CTE Director's Meeting/ SSA (Shared Services Arrangement Meeting
CTE TEA Perkins V and Programs of Study
Early Childhood Education Networking Meeting
Effective Schools Framework: Process to Improve Practice
Effective Schools Framework: Self Assessment Overview
ELL Support TETNs
English Learner (EL) Support Updates TETN
ESSA Consolidated Compliance Report Training (2019-2020) for Federal Programs Directors
ESSA Consolidated Grant Application (2020-2021) Training
Federal Program Directors' Academy
Federal Programs Directors' Meeting
Help, I Have a Newcomer!
Instructional Materials Vendor Extravaganza
LPAC Decision Making and TELPAS Training for 2019-2020 Texas Assessment Program (TOT)
LPAC Decision-Making and TELPAS Training for Texas Assessment Program (TOT) Remote Viewing
Mathematics and Science Leaders Advisory Meeting
Moving Towards Proficiency: Advanced/Advanced-High English Learners
Parent and Family Engagement Requirements for Title I Administrators
Perkins SSA (Shared Services Arrangement) Meeting
Prekindergarten Guidelines - Starting Off Right! (Two-Day Training)
Principles of Effective Feedback and Coaching
Principles of Effective Feedback and Coaching
Private Non-Profit School Services
Region 11 Library iCon 2020
Region 11 Midwinter Conference Breakfast
Special Education Graduation Options
Stop the Bleed
Student and Family Strategies for Success
Student Success Initiative (SSI)
Taking the Helm and Navigating Accountability: College, Career, and Military Readiness Focus - Live Online
Technology Advisory Committee Meeting 2019-2020
Technology Leadership Academy 2019-2020
Texas Special Education Graduation Options Online
Texas Statewide Network of Assessment Professionals (TSNAP) - TETN
The ABCs and 123s of Supporting Early Childhood for Administrators
Title III Parent, Family & Community Engagement Training and Collaborative
Trainer of Trainers: TEKS Resource System Pacing Tools and Test Creator
TSDS RF Tracker Submission
TSDS SPPI-14 Submission
TSDS SPPI-14 Submission