Audience: Instructional Technology Personnel
2019 11th Annual Technology Vendor Fair
2020 Safety and Security Conference
Blended Learning Academy
Blended Learning Academy for Administrators
Course Design & Delivery in Canvas (Online) - Online
Creating a Culture of Digital Citizenship
Don't Worry . . . Be Appy! Math Apps for K-2 Students
e-Merge: Fusing Technology and Pedagogy
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If You're Appy and You Know It...
Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors: Student Identity in Literacy
North Texas Canvas User Group Meeting
Project-Based Learning 2.0: High-Quality Culminating Products
Project-Based Learning 2.0: Managing the PBL Classroom
Project-Based Learning Academy - July & November
Project-Based Learning Academy - July and November
Project-Based Learning Academy (2019-2020 school year)
Project-Based Learning for Administrators
Region 11 Library iCon 2020
TexQuest Mini Conference 2019
Webinar + Canvas Series: Literacy Toolbelt - The Superpowers Within! - Online