Audience: Paraprofessionals
16 Habits of Mind
ADA Compliance for Online Content - Online
Autism Overview for Public School Personnel
Bonding and Relaxation Techniques (BART) for Infants Training for Parent Advisors, TVIs, and COMSs
Braille Production: Developing Charts and Graphs
Child Abuse & Maltreatment - Online
CPI: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Initial Two-Day Certification Training
Empowering Educators to Support Struggling Readers with Explicit Reading Instruction
Enhancing Mathematics through Data Collection Activities for the TI Calculator: CBR & CBL
Enhancing Mathematics through Desmos: Desmos (Advanced)^2
Enhancing Mathematics through TI Nspire Navigator System
Evidence-Based Practices for the Education of Students with Down Syndrome
Focus on Algebra: Exponentials Day 2
Focus on Algebra: Linear Day 1
Focus on Algebra: Linear Day 2
Hidden Figures: Understanding the Process for Identifying Migrant Students - Online Course - Online
If You're Appy and You Know It...
Internet Safety - Online
Introduction to Thinking Beyond Consequences
Learn to use JAWS for Windows: Session 7 JAWS and Internet
MOVE Two-Day Basic Provider Training
Moving Towards Proficiency: Advanced/Advanced-High English Learners
Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Training - Summer 2019
Setting Expectations:The Pathway to Employment Success! - Online
Sexual Harassment - Online
Structuring the Classroom through the Use of Visual Strategies - Introduction (2-day Training) - Summer 1 2019
Structuring the Classroom through the Use of Visual Strategies - Introduction (2-day Training) - Summer 2019
Suicide Prevention - Online
Teacher Talk - Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings Summer 2019 (Prerequisite session for other sessions)
TEKS Resource System - Conceptual Teaching and Learning
TEKS Resource System - Content-Specific Vertical Study and Alignment
TEKS Resource System - T-TESS and SLOs with the TEKS Resource System
TEKS Resource System - TEKS Resource System Online Tools
TEKS Resource System - Using the System to Write Engaging Lessons
TEKS Resource System - Utilizing the TEKS Resource System in PLCs
Texas Educator's Code of Ethics - Online
Texas Transition Online
Utilizing Person-Centered Thinking Skills to Discover the INDIVIDUAL in the IEP - Online