Audience: Teacher - High School (Grades 9-12)
2(pi)@r11 PK-12 Mathematics Mini Conference
Abydos 12-Day Institute
Algebra 1 Workstations to Review for the EOC
Algebra I STAAR Workstations Most Wanted
Algebraic Reasoning Semester Overview: A Course to Help Students Struggling with the EOC
Attending to the Affect: Social and Emotional Learning of Gifted Students
Authentic Review for Social Studies
Best Practices for Diverse Learners in Secondary Science
Bilingual Supplemental (164) TExES Preparation Course
Bite Size Learning Series: 21st Century Learning Drone Technology and Applications in the Classroom
CHAMPS - A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management for K-12 Classrooms
Content Instruction and Authentic Writing in Science: The Bridge to Writing Growth for Struggling Learners - One Day
Course Design & Delivery in Canvas (Online) - Online
Creating a Collaborative and Global Social Studies Classroom
Cybersecurity Essentials
D/HH Issues for Itinerant Teachers and Parent Advisors (Fall Session)
DBQ Project
DMAC Academy - Day 3: Student Documentation & Plans
ELAR TEKS Deep Dive for Curriculum Writers, 9-12
ELAR TEKS Overview for Teachers, 9-12
ESL Supplemental (154) TExES Online Preparation Course (Independent Study) - Online
ESL Supplemental TExES Preparation Course - One-Day
Ethics and Upstanding Students: The Holocaust from a Different Lens
First-Year Teachers Academy 2019-2020 Fall Cohort
First-Year Teachers Academy 2019-2020 Spring Cohort
Focus on Algebra: Exponentials Day 1
Focus on Algebra: Exponentials Day 2
Focus on Algebra: Quadratics Day 1
Focus on Algebra: Quadratics Day 2
Foundations of coding and STEM with Sphero Education
Geography & World Culture
Geometry 2.0: 21st Century Tools for High School Geometry
Gifted/Talented Series: Creativity and Critical Thinking for GT Students
Gifted/Talented Series: Engaging Gifted Students by Adding Depth and Complexity
Gifted/Talented Series: Identification and Assessment of GT Students
Gifted/Talented Series: Models of Differentiated Instruction for GT Students
Gifted/Talented Series: Nature and Needs of GT Students
H.O.T.S! Higher-Order Thinking Skills for Secondary Mathematics: Open Middle and Numberless Word Problems (Alternate Location)
Help, I Have a Newcomer!
High School Math Mini-Lessons with Problem Strings for Precalculus and Algebra 2
I Heart Books: Using Literature to Engage, Teach, and Grow
John Collins' Writing Across the Curriculum
Leveraging Digital Tools in the Secondary Math Class
Literacy across Curriculum
Literacy across the Curriculum: Strategies for Every Content
Literacy in Science
Literacy in Science
Literacy Toolbelt: The Super Powers Within!
LPAC Framework Training for 2019-2020 - Half Day for Experienced LPAC Leaders (TOT)
LPAC Framework Training for 2019-2020 - Half Day for Experienced LPAC Leaders (TOT) (remote viewing)
LRE - Being an American: Exploring the Ideals that Unite Us
Math Summer Roadshow Series: Digital Graphing Calculators Beginner and Beyond (ALTERNATE LOCATION)
Math Summer Roadshow Series: Graphing Calculators Beginner and Beyond @ White Settlement ISD
Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors: Student Identity in Literacy
Moving Towards Proficiency: Advanced/Advanced-High English Learners
Parenting and Paternity Awareness (p.a.p.a.)
Pirate Math Make-and-Take: Algebra 1
Project-Based Learning Academy - July & November
Project-Based Learning Academy - July and November
Project-Based Learning Academy - May & October
Raising Better Humans - Secondary
Reading Every Student: Responsive Teaching in the Secondary ELA Classroom (Or How Can I Help My Secondary Struggling Reader?)
Rebellion or Revolution?
Refugees, Asylees, and Unaccompanied Minors: Understanding your Newcomer
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Classroom Culture
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Critical Reading, Writing, and Speaking (all content areas)
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Demonstration of Learning
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Demonstration of Learning
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Essentials for Impact
Region 11 Teaching Lab - High-Impact Questioning
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Lesson Design
Revitalizing the Canon: Helping Students find Excitement and Relevance in Classic Literature
Social Studies Secondary TEKS Streamlining Update
Speaking Their Language -- Making History Relevant
STAAR Algebra I EOC Overview: An Online Course - Online
STAAR Review To Go Science - Biology - Volume One
STAAR Review To Go Science - Biology - Volume Two
STAAR Science Focus on Success Secondary
Start the Conversation... Literacy for All
Step "Write" Up: Taking Writing Instruction from a Strikeout to a Home Run (Grades 7-12)
Targeting Rigor through Differentiation in Math: Grades 6-12 GT Credit
Teacher of the D/HH Online Book Study: "The Reading Strategies Book" by Serravallo - Live Online
Teaching Social Studies with Google Tools
Technology Leadership Academy 2019-2020
Teddy Bears, Army Men, and Zombies: The Weird World of Algebra 1 (Alternate Location)
TEKS Resource System - Conceptual Teaching and Learning
TEKS Resource System - Content-Specific Vertical Study and Alignment
TEKS Resource System - T-TESS and SLOs with the TEKS Resource System
TEKS Resource System - TEKS Resource System Online Tools
TEKS Resource System - Using the System to Write Engaging Lessons
TEKS Resource System - Utilizing the TEKS Resource System in PLCs
Texas Lesson Study - Initial Training
Thinking Like a Geographer
Thinking Like a Historian
Transition Fair for High School Students Who Are Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing
Turning Expectation Verbs into Engaging Lessons
Visual Phonics for Educators
Webinar + Canvas Series: Literacy Toolbelt - The Superpowers Within! - Online
Why Do I Need to Learn This?