Subject: Charter
2018 - 2019 Charter Roundtable Advisory Meeting
2018-2019 Charter School Principal Advisory Meeting
Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL)
Algebra 1 Workstations to Review for the EOC
Annual Student Safety and School Security Conference
Child Nutrition Spring Director's Update
Child Nutrition: Eligibility Guidance
CIRCLE Preschool Foundations (Two-Day Training)
Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)
CTOPP 2 and GORT 5
DMAC Academy - Day 1: Data Appraisals & School Plans
DMAC Academy - Day 2: All About Local Assessments
DMAC Academy - Day 3: Student Documentation & Plans
Employment and Pre-Employment Transition Services: Bringing the Pieces Together - Online
Prekindergarten Guidelines - Starting Off Right! (Two-Day Training)
Public Funds Investment Training
SFSP Putting the Pieces Together: Training for CEs (6 Hours)
SFSP Technical Assistance Lab (Come & Go)
Sheltered Instruction: Supporting English Language Learners in ANY Classroom
Texas Special Education Graduation Options Online
Texas Transition Online