Subject: English Lang Arts & Reading
A Brain-Based Approach to Fast-Tracking Phonics for Reading: How to Make HARD Skills EASY, 2-3
A New Year on the Horizon! Preparing for a Balanced Literacy Classroom
CIRCLE Preschool Foundations (Two-Day Training)
DBQ Project
Deepening Independence in Readers and Writers Workshop: Engaging and Purposeful Student-Centered Experiences
Early Childhood Education Networking Meeting
ELAR TEKS Deep Dive for Curriculum Writers, 9-12
ELAR TEKS Overview for Teachers, 5-8
ELAR TEKS Overview for Teachers, 9-12
Fake News and Film Studies: Visual and Media Literacy for Gifted Learners
Fourth-Grade Writing: Let's Do It!
Genuine Inquiry across the Contents for Gifted Learners
Gettin' Techy With the New ELAR TEKS
Good Citizens
Guided Reading, Strategy Groups, and Conferring, Oh My! (K-2)
I Heart Books: Using Literature to Engage, Teach, and Grow
I'm ESL Certified, Now What?!
If You're Appy and You Know It...
Informational Texts with Social Studies Content
Instructional Materials Vendor Extravaganza
Jennifer Serravallo's Reading Strategies Book: A Three-Part Series
Jennifer Serravallo's Writing Strategies: A Three-Part Series
K-2 Core Content Academy: 2nd Six-Weeks Curriculum Overview
K-2 Core Content Academy: 3rd Six-Weeks Curriculum Overview
K-2 Core Content Academy: 4th Six-Weeks Curriculum Overview
K-2 Core Content Academy: 5th Six-Weeks Curriculum Overview
K-2 Core Content Academy: 6th Six-Weeks Curriculum Overview
Launching A Reader's Workshop Classroom
Lessons That Save Lives: DRSR
Literacy across Curriculum
Literacy Fusion
Lone Star Literacy Webinar Series - Live Online
Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors: Student Identity in Literacy
New TEKS & Assessment: A New View!
Nurturing the Moral and Ethical Lives of Gifted Children
Patterns of Power
Perspective & Point of View
Phonics Instruction in Threes: The What, Why, and How!
Phonics Instruction in Threes: The What, Why, and How!
Prekindergarten Guidelines - Starting Off Right! (Two-Day Training)
Raising Better Humans - Elementary
Read, Write, Speak for English Learners
Reading Assessments are Done...Now What?
Reading Every Student: Responsive Teaching in the Secondary ELA Classroom (Or How Can I Help My Secondary Struggling Reader?)
Reading Workshop and English Language Learners: Putting It All Together!
Rebellion or Revolution?
Region 11 Library iCon 2020
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Critical Reading, Writing, and Speaking (all content areas)
Region 11 Teaching Lab - Demonstration of Learning
Remember More Than the Alamo
Revitalizing the Canon: Helping Students find Excitement and Relevance in Classic Literature
Set Sail with Phonics
Sheltered Instruction: Supporting English Language Learners in ANY Classroom
SLAR TEKS - What is the Difference?
Step "Write" Up: Taking Writing Instruction from a Strikeout to a Home Run (Grades 7-12)
The Heart of Differentiation: Guided Reading for Grades 3-6!
The Lone Star Literacy Institute 2019, Grades 6-8
The Lone Star Literacy Institute, Grades 3-5
Tying It All Together
Using Literacy to Make the World Better - Elementary
Using Literacy to Make the World Better--Secondary
What to Do When the Kids Just Don't Get It