Webinar: Writing Appropriate PLAAFP Statements - 006120
The PLAAFP statement establishes the starting points in developing annual goals and serve as baseline data points. Because of this, it is important to make sure it includes all the necessary information in a way that ensures all stakeholders can understand the student's unique and current academic and functional levels. During this session, participants will review what must be included in a PLAAFP and how to use information from a FIE to write data-based, objective statements.

Audiences Diagnosticians, Charter School Personnel, LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology), Speech Therapists
21st Century Learning  Vision Article III - Assessments for Learning,   Vision Article IV - Accountability for Learning

01105411/14/2017 10:00am - 12:00pmBlended
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Credit Hours   02:00 hours of Continuing Professional Education 
Presenter   Cara Wylie ESC 20 
Seats Left   60 

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