16 Habits of Mind - 005676
Research has shown a student's social and emotional well-being is just as important as his or her academic performance. As our environment becomes more diverse and dynamic, students must develop dispositions that support personal growth and reflection. In this session, we will explore the 16 Habits of Mind identified by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick. These habits have been proven to positively influence student achievement when consistently embedded in teachers' instructional practices. They are trans-disciplinary and may be incorporated as part of a school-wide initiative or in a single classroom.

Audiences Charter School Personnel, Counselors, Instructional Leaders, Teacher - General Education, Teacher - Special Education, Assistant Principals, Coordinators, Paraprofessionals, Principals, Psychologists
21st Century Learning  Vision Article I - New Digital Learning Environment,   Vision Article II - New Learning Standards,   Vision Article V - Organizational Transformation
Prerequisite/Special Notes None

01235010/12/2017 09:00am - 04:00pmESC Region 11
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Credit Hours   06:00 hours of Continuing Professional Education 
Presenter   Annissa Macon ESC Region 11 
Seats Left   27 

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