Using Sensory Learning Concepts to Develop Instructional Routines and Communication Strategies for Students with Visual Impairment and Multiple Disabilities - 008928
In this three-day workshop with webinar follow-ups, Millie Smith, author of Symbols and Meaning (SAM) and the Sensory Learning Kit (SLK), will lead teams (minimum of 2) in learning how to assess needs, design instruction, and develop routines for students with visual and multiple impairments who are sensorimotor learners. The training will be interactive and will focus on principles, assessment, and implementation of sensory learning in the development of routines and functional communication. Teams will provide video clips of a student prior to the training and for each session (total of 3 clips) for the purpose of learning intervention and assessment strategies.

Audiences Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Teacher - Special Education, Paraprofessionals, Teacher - Early Childhood/PreK/Kindergarten
21st Century Learning  Vision Article I - New Digital Learning Environment,   Vision Article II - New Learning Standards,   Vision Article III - Assessments for Learning,   Vision Article IV - Accountability for Learning,   Vision Article V - Organizational Transformation
Prerequisite/Special Notes Team members, minimum of two, are required. Required team member: one vision professional either a teacher of visual impairment (TVI)and/or a certified orientation and mobility specialist (COMS). Other team members may include one or more of the following: special education teacher, related service professional (i.e., OT/PT/SLP), or paraprofessional. Team members should attend and provide video clips of a student with required release form for all sessions

01515111/14/2017 09:00am - 04:00pmESC Region 11
01515112/12/2017 09:00am - 10:00amWebinar
01515101/23/2018 09:00am - 04:00pmESC Region 11
01515102/27/2018 09:00am - 10:00amWebinar
01515103/27/2018 09:00am - 04:00pmESC Region 11
01515104/03/2018 09:00am - 10:00amWebinar
01515105/01/2018 09:00am - 10:00amWebinar
Fee   None
Credit Hours   22:00 hours of Continuing Professional Education 
Presenter   Millie Smith ESC Consultant 
Seats Left   wait list 

It is too late to register for this session.

If you require special arrangements or have special needs (such as an interpreter for the hearing impaired),
contact Perkie Cannon at or (817) 740-7587 at least three weeks prior to the training program date.

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