Gifted/Talented Online: Setting Standards for Success of Gifted/Talented Students - 009200
District and campus educators will learn about assessment measures of student growth and quality of district services for G/T students. They will learn about the Texas Performance Standards Project and how districts can use it to evaluate student growth and district programming for the gifted. Educators will contribute ideas to the discussion board, share their own experiences, and research related information. The objectives will be met through Internet investigations, investigation of district information and practices, and threaded discussions. A 10-question, end-of-course knowledge test is also included. Educators will receive six hours of G/T credit in identification and assessment that may be applied toward the state requirement of 30 hours of training prior to teaching G/T students.

Audiences Charter School Personnel, Teacher - Bilingual, Coordinators, Counselors

01567401/15/2018 - 04/23/2018Online
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Credit Hours   06:00 hours of G/T - Curriculum 
Presenter   Tosh McGaughy ESC Region 11 
Seats Left   16 

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