Performance-Based Monitoring and Analysis System (PBMAS) Overview and TAIS Training - 008598
This session will provide an basic overview of the Performance Based Monitoring and Analysis System (PBMAS) and will address the program areas in PBMAS - Bilingual/ESL, CTE, NCLB, and Special Education and provide information on the staging methodology. Specialists from the Texas Education Agency's School Improvement Division will share a new resource called the "Contribution Tool" to help districts determine what campuses are contributing to their staging which is a requirement of interventions. The rest of the session will focus on the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) process for district staged in PBMAS.

Audiences Central Office Administrators, CTE (Career and Technical Education) Personnel, Directors, Federal Program Directors/Coordinators, Instructional Leaders, Title I, Part C, Carl D Perkins Grant SSA Members, Title I, Part C, Migrant SSA Members, Title III, Part A, Limited English Proficient SSA Members
21st Century Learning  Vision Article VI - More Balanced/Reinvigorated State/Local Partnership

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