A Comprehensive Counseling Program: What Does It Include? - 009869
The recently released 5th edition of the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs establishes the school counselor's role as an integral part of the educational, personal, social, and career development of students. The revised guide:
  • Outlines the process for tailoring programs to meet the diverse needs of Texas public schools and students.
  • Acts as a resource to identify quality program standards and goals to enhance counseling programs.
  • Reflects the transformation of school counseling profession.
  • Provides a framework for transforming individual and district-level school counseling programs.
This training is designed for counselors and administrators who wish to familiarize themselves with statutory, best-practice, and research-based practices associated with a successful, inclusive counseling program.

Audiences Counselors, Assistant Principals
21st Century Learning  Vision Article V - Organizational Transformation

No sessions currently available for registration for this workshop.

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